Wednesday, March 21, 2012

all black everything

Michael Kors has done it again. Even though I have the silver/clear crystal version of this watch, something in my heart tells me this another absolute must have.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

the skinny

I've done it. I've finally scored myself the quintessential pair of black skinny jeans; the 'Kex' low rise skinny jean by Acne in wet black for 57% off of the original price.

After completely ripping the crotch out of my favorite black skinny jeans about six months ago I'd been on the hunt and nothing that I'd found was quite right. Being 5'-10" means I needed something with at least a 34" inseam. On top of that I wanted something super skinny but not made with flimsy material and denim that was super duper deep dark black.

I'd also decided  that I really wanted a pair of Acne jeans, and maybe a day later Gilt Groupe had a sale featuring Acne. Fate?

I immediately scooped up this pair, but of course, they were too small. By the time I got them, the entire sale was sold out. I wish I'd done a bit more research on the fit beforehand, because apparently it's a known fact that Acne jeans run a size too small. All I could do was return them, after nearly two weeks of trying them on and attempting to convince myself that they could work. Oh, and complaining to Jay and anyone who would listen about how bummed I was.

I put myself on a wait list, but continued to stalk them everyday. They finally popped up again on Gilt in the size I needed and they are officially MINE. from