Friday, April 29, 2011

prints charming

I've had my eye on the Sally Hansen 'Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips' for quite a while and had my heart set on getting the leopard design, called 'Kitty, Kitty'. I was finally able to find it last week and can't wait to try them. I got them at Walgreen's for $9.99; they are available in 24 designs and are sold at most drugstores.

Included in the box are 16 polish strips, a nail file and a wooden stick for pushing back cuticles. According to the website, they last for about 10 days and are removed easily with nail polish remover. The application process seems fairly easy.

1. Prep your nails by shaping and smoothing
2. Pick the strip that best fits your nail
3. Peel the polish strip from the backing paper and apply to your nail
4. File away the excess

I've also read that applying a top coat is a good way to extend the life of the strips.

An alternative to the Sally Hansen strips are strips by Incoco which are also 100% nail polish and retail for $5.99 - $10.99.

Sephora has a line called 'Chic Print for Nails' by Opi in collaboration with Minx which retail for $15 and include a set of 16 nail patches. Unlike the Sally Hansen strips, these are a film, not a polish. They can be removed by rubbing and peeling off.

The most expensive nail strip alternative is by Minx. These strips are also a film and not a polish. Based on my research, it seems like the only way to get your hands on Minx strips is by getting them done at a salon. Bliss Spa does Minx manicures for $55.

Lady Gaga is one of countless celebs spotted with Minx nails. from and

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



I need want this sequin lattice sweater vest thingy from J. Crew. It's super cute, but the price is not; it's on sale for $189.99 (originally $238) and no, it's not made of pure 14K gold thread and the sequins are not diamonds. It's cotton! 

Gotta wait this one out. from

kimchi hana

One of my favorite things about where we live is Kimchi Hana, an unexpected gem located in a strip mall a few minutes away from our place. It's an amazing Korean BBQ and Japanese restaurant that my husband, Jay, and I frequent and it's become a staple dinner date spot for us on a weeknight or when friends and family visit. It's also BYOB and conveniently located next door to a liquor store.

They have the most amazing side dishes, called banchan, and an array of classic Korean cuisine; the grilled short ribs and scallion pancakes are among my favorites.

The last time we were there I managed to snap a few shots of our meal with my iPhone.

Left (top to bottom) : spicy kimchi (cabbage), sushi (tuna, salmon, yellowtail), spinach, steamed egg, bean sprouts
Right (top to bottom) : bok choy, sweet glazed potatoes, galbi (grilled marinated short ribs), acorn jelly, mandoo (fried pork & vegetable dumplings)

Kimchi Hana is located at 6101 Middlesex Mall in South Plainfield, NJ.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

love me wild

My mother and I stepped into Victoria's Secret during a quick shopping trip at the mall and I inevitably discovered their limited edition 'Love Me Wild' makeup collection. I was instantly drawn to it because of the packaging.

I picked up a 'Radiant Face Trio' in the color 'In Deep' and it's absolutely gorgeous. I also grabbed a lotion and body spray with leopard print on the bottles and a hot pink leopard print bra; all of which I needed.


...images from Poshpoint...

Monday, April 25, 2011

back to black

I posted about the Urban Decay 'Naked Palette' here and have been extremely happy with it; the colors are highly pigmented and long lasting and the variety of shades in the palette allows for a smorgasbord of looks and color combinations. I have literally only used this palette for the past few weeks.

Because I am so enamored with it I decided to purchase another Urban Decay palette. One single shadow at .05 oz costs $17, but why pay that when you can get multiple shadows, in this case .04 oz each, for $36? I bought this as part of Sephora's Chic Week, which I discussed here and was able to get it for 15% off.

Urban Decay's 'The Black Palette' comes with UD's darkest matte black shadow, 'Black Dog' and five black based jewel tone shadows; 'Barracuda' (silver), 'Jet' (purple), 'Sabbath' (blue), 'Cobra' (gold) and 'Libertine' (emerald). The palette also comes with a travel size '24/7 Glide on Pencil' in the color 'Zero' (black) and a mini primer potion in 'Eden'.

I've already begun playing with these shadows and can't wait to put together some really dramatic looks. from

Friday, April 15, 2011


I was at a party a few months ago and admired these boots from across the room on a fellow party-goer. Today, I visited Steve Madden online and found them. 

The original retail price was $269.95 but they were on sale for $99.95. With a coupon code I got them for $84.96 (69% off of the original price) plus free shipping. I think it's fair to say, I win! from

Thursday, April 14, 2011

haul monitor - mario badescu

 I caught this sale minutes before it went offline at Hautelook. I'm still on the hunt for my go-to skin products and figured I would try these. I bought the following items pictured above for about $64; all products were roughly 21% off of the retail prices.

Glycolic Foaming Cleanser (a deep facial cleanser with glycolic acid) :  Retail - $15, Paid - $11.99
A.H.A. Botanical Soap (a body wash with papaya and grapefruit extracts) :  Retail - $14, Paid - $10.99
Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater Retail (a hydrating mist for face, neck and hair) :  $12, Paid - $9.50
Glycolic Eye Cream (a rich eye cream with high in antioxidant Vitaman E and oils) :  Retail - $20, Paid - $15.99
Silver Powder (a powder designed to help unclog congested pores and prevent blackheads) : Retail - $12, Paid - $9.50

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these products will work for me! from

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

chic week

From April 14 - April 21 Sephora VIBIs (Very Important Beauty Insiders) will receive 15% off all online purchases by entering the code CHICWEEK at checkout. From April 15 - April 21 Sephora BIs (Beauty Insiders) will receive 15% of all purchases by entering the code BICHIC at checkout.

VIBIs and BIs can use their emailed or mailed coupons in store for the same savings. The discount codes and coupons are good for EVERY purchase made during Chic Week!

...image from

happy feet

From the Vans Spring 2011 collection, my favorite style of sneaker in my favorite print. I didn't hesitate for even a moment when deciding to order these. As an added bonus, my husband picked up the tab! from

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Check out this super cool American flag tank top I nabbed while shopping at Forever 21 the other day. I especially like the back. from

Friday, April 8, 2011


I received a free bottle of Skindinavia makeup finishing spray with an order from Derm Store and was pleasantly surprised by how great it is. The purpose of this spray is to set makeup and preserve the freshness of your look. It's also supposed to prevent streaking, smudging and color loss.

Typically,  I use about four sprays. I've found that this product really does help with protecting and maintaining my looks. It's gotten to the point where I feel sad about actually having to take my makeup off because it still looks fabulous hours and hours after my initial application. Skindinavia's makeup finishing spray retails for $19, 2oz / $29, 4oz / $39, 6oz.

Other makeup finishing sprays to consider are Model In A Bottle ($18/$21, 2oz), Urban Decay's All-Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ($29, 4oz),  Makeup Forever Mist & Fix ($8, 0.84oz/ $27, 4.22oz) and MAC Fix+ ($19, 3.4oz). from DermStore,com...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my new hat

I got this amazing hat from Club Monaco for $29 (60% off the original price). I've been living in this plush leopard coat on the weekends; I got it from H&M for 50% off!

My husband says I look like a pimp in these photos. You can't see them, but my hoes and limo are in the parking lot. by Jay Stevenson...

Monday, April 4, 2011


This Fendi purse is something that has been hanging in my mom's closet for about 20 years. Based on a receipt I found in the inner pocket, the last time she used it was in 2004. I decided it needed a new home; she agreed.

Friday, April 1, 2011

sew easy

 I found these adorable sewing kits at Forever 21

Initially, I really wanted the wooden sewing chest ($19.80), but realized I didn't have a spot I could dedicate to it, so I ordered the plastic foldaway sewing box ($7.80) for myself instead. from