Tuesday, August 13, 2013

that time i met phillip lim...

Several months ago, I began contributing to The Budget Babe blog. I've had so many wonderful opportunities to attend events and check out some pretty cool collections. Last night, I had the opportunity to attend  the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target preview event. I was super excited about this one in particular because I'm a huge 3.1 fan. 

After stalking him for about fifteen minutes and texting Jay to formulate a plan for my approach, I totally ran up on Phillip Lim. From across the room. Like a gazelle. He didn't even know I was there, because he looked away and all of a sudden I was standing directly in front of  him with my hand out ready for a shake. I introduced myself, asked him if I could take a photo, was granted the opportunity to take ONE, told him I loved the collection and congratulated him and he thanked me, pretty sincerely. Obviously, I was pumped!

Check out my review of the collection and photos at The Budget Babe.

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