Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté in #15, Extreme Coral.

This color is absolutely gorgeous. At $34 a pop I was definitely a bit hesitant about making this purchase, but I've heard rave reviews about this stuff and just had to try it. I jumped on eBay and found it for $23, including shipping and got it a few days later. 

The packaging is gorgeous. The one I purchased was meant to be distributed as a tester for retail locations. It was brand new and the body of the lipstick was gold, but the cap was clear. Typically, the cap would be gold with a mirror on top. How cool is that?!

I will definitely be wearing this color during the spring and it'll be hard to stop myself from scoping out more YSL Volupté colors. The texture of this lipstick is wonderful; it feels silky, doesn't leave my lips feeling dry, is highly pigmented and as a bonus has SPF15.

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