Tuesday, May 24, 2011

just the tip

This was my birthday manicure!

When I get a mani/pedi done at a salon I try to do something that I couldn't do myself at home or I'll at least pick a color that I don't have. In this case, I chose to do a french manicure, which I personally find impossible to do myself. These colors are standard, but I thought the combo was really interesting.

My toes were just plain gray, and I wore gray jeans and sandals, so I had a monochromatic look going from the waist down. I wore a super bright multicolored tank top and did a dramatic eye look using blue and purple metallic shadows.

This is the kind of manicure I look forward to rocking in the warmer months. I plan on using lots of neons and glitters, as well as holographic polishes, which I've recently discovered.


Jennifer said...

wow, this color combo looks amazing! love the neon pop of color against the deep gray! beautiful!

Anonymous said...

this is great!! i would never think of combining these colours, awesome xD

leather and lollipops said...

Thank you!!! I love this combo too! I'm really into the idea of doing a deep dark color with that pop of super neon brightness. Another cool idea might be a navy blue with a neon green tip!