Monday, August 15, 2011

stop and shop

We drove down to Pennsylvania this weekend to visit Jay's parents and stopped at Pat Garrett's Sheepskin Shop off of Route 78 West. We've stopped in before and always marvel at the endless racks of sheepskin coats, leather biker jackets and chaps and rooms full of boots, slippers and hats and racks of belts, gloves and fox tails.

This is a quick iPhone shot of my first purchase at the shop, which I made this weekend; a totally amazing leather studded women's biker jacket. I fell in love with it almost immediately and tried it on a few times before finally deciding to get it. It's got a removable thinsulate lining that zips out and has some awesome zipper, buckle and pocket features and details. I really love it and got it for an amazing price. It was the last one left in my size, so it was kind of meant to be!

The shop itself is really very special; definitely not something I've ever experienced before. I took a bunch of photos with my phone and have just started to obsess over using Instagram, so I definitely plan on doing a full post on the shop soon. Stay tuned!

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