Thursday, March 17, 2011

baby ball

After months of stalking, she's finally mine; the Olivia Harris by Joy Gryson 'Baby Ball'. I firmly believe that I purchased the last one that existed in this color combo online and that makes me feel like a superstar! 

As I said here, I was tracking two versions of this bag, black with silver mesh and gray snakeskin, but ultimately I knew in my heart that I really wanted this bag in black. I happened upon this very bag at a W Hotel boutique a couple of weeks ago, but parts of the bag were frayed to bits. I sadly walked away.

 I moped around our apartment, complaining to my husband about how badly I needed this bag and how sad I was that I couldn't have it and decided to do yet another Google search for it. I found it on Stefani Bags randomly, them I found a 20% off code, and bought it immediately. 

Unfortunately, she's being held hostage by UPS and they won't release her until I give them another hour of my time driving to the facility and waiting on line. Alright, UPS, you win; I want my baby back!

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Michell said...

hahaha you are funny