Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a coincidence

Sometimes there is something that you want, but you don't REALLY go after it or stress about getting it, and sometimes that thing comes to you, by pure coincidence, circumstance, or luck.

This is the case with OPI Shatter polish in black. It's something that I've wanted, but made no real effort or attempt to get. I've read that it's sold out everywhere and can only be found online, with a significant markup. There are other brands that make a similar polish, but I just never followed up on it.

A dear friend just happened to pick me up a bottle of this polish, because she thought of me when she saw it while out shopping. Needless to say, as soon as I saw the very tip of the bottle cap I knew exactly what it was and I shrieked and jumped up and down with excitement like a five year old. I thanked her a bunch and told her how I'd been wanting this polish for a while.

This is a quick iPhone snap of my nails after I did them with a teal base color and the black shatter on top.

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Diane Stevenson said...

Omg V this is so awesome! I'm gonna try and get some too!