Tuesday, March 29, 2011

skin so soft

One of my goals for the spring/summer is to get rid of dark marks on my face and body and to achieve a more even skin tone and softer skin texture. My issue is that I have such a tough time sticking to routines, so maintaining a regular hardcore skin care regimen is difficult for me. I recently discovered the wonder that is the Salux wash cloth.

Facts about the Salux:
1. It's made in Japan
2. It's about 11" x 35"; the large size is great for getting your back and any other hard to reach areas
3. It's made of 60% nylon and  40% polyester
4. It's available in seven colors; white, yellow, pink, powder blue, blue, green, peach
5. The price of the cloth is about $3.00 (plus the cost of shipping)

I ordered four cloths from The Salux Shop on Wednesday and received them on Friday. The price of the cloths and shipping was $15.56. 

After the first use, there was a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin. The exfoliation power is greater than that of your typical shower pouf. According to the website, one of the benefits of using the cloth is that is stimulates the skin and promotes blood circulation. I also noticed that I got a great lather with a significantly smaller amount of soap, despite the large size of the cloth. I gave one to my husband and my mother and they both loved the cloth immediately after their first use.

I will definitely be replacing my bath sponges, poufs and loofahs with my new Salux cloth, and hopefully my skin will continue to improve with each use.

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Michell said...

That was great advertisement. They should pay you for your promotion! ;) xoxo